Tammer OÜ is an Estonian family company founded in 1995.

There are over 180 professionals of their own field at Tammer that form a unified strong team.

Briefly about Tammer

Tammer OÜ by today has grown into the largest producer of metal doors within the Baltic States, with approx. 180 employees.

Our cooperation partners are shipbuilding companies, construction companies, real estate maintenance companies, door producers in the Baltic States and the Nordic countries.

Exports account for more than 80% of production. The main destination markets for exports are Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Ireland. Our mission is to provide clients flexible and professional service, ensuring quality products with installation.

We believe that people are our core value.

The external values of Tammer or what are we like:

  • Friendliness – We communicate friendlily with our clients and partners, are polite and helpful.
  • Innovation – We always find a suitable solution for every situation. We offer our clients the best fillers for openings that are produced using the newest technologies.
  • Flexibility – We offer a very broad range of products and take into consideration the desires of clients. We are forthcoming and in cooperation find a solution for every problem and hindrance.

Facts about Tammer:

Family business
since 1995
The largest in the Baltic States
metal door producer
Family friendly employer
silver ranking 2019
and constant development
Production area
12 000 m2
Production capacity
30 000+ doors per year
200+ professionals
Responsible company
bronze 2020
Remote work label 2020