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Tammer’s Door of the Month: Tallinn City Theatre! 🎭

The spectacular renovation process of the Tallinn City Theater is nearly complete, and Tammer has proudly contributed almost 150 doors to this historical building.

Very soon, we’ll introduce a complete photo gallery showcasing the diverse range of Tammer doors at the Tallinn City Theatre. But today, we’re giving you a sneak peek at one special door: the EI120 fireproof restroom door which looks like a wooden door, but is actually made of steel, providing high-quality safety.

Walking through the complex corridors of this historic theater, it was essential to blend security with style. To achieve the timeless design, Tammer’s fireproof metal doors were skillfully covered with wooden boards by window and door restoring workshop Scandinor.

Take a look at our progress photos and keep an eye out for the completed project, featuring Tammer doors that safeguard both actors and theatre-goers.