Lightweight Sliding Door

Steel lightweight sliding doors can be used in internal areas.

B15 sliding door meets IMO and SOLAS requirements according to European MED Directive 2014/90/EU.

Resistance to fire: B15

Door leaf is insulated and made from steel sheets with sandwich construction in thickness of 40mm. Door leaf edges are covered with trimlists.

Sliding door can be manually or automatically operated and ordered with installation supporting frame for convenient and easy installation on site.

Manual system is equipped with counterweight self-closing system.

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Max dimensions for a door clear opening: 1380 x 2200 mm (width x height).

It is possible to increase dimensions up to 15% in width and height, but not more than 10% of total area.

Door weight: 32 kg/m2

Standard door finish is powder or wet paint.

In addition exposed stainless steel (brushed or polished), PVC covered steel and laminate or other non-combustible design finishes can be used.

The door can be fitted with different mechanical lock systems and flush handles.  For manually operated doors it is possible to add a lock case.

It is possible to add round or rectangular vision panel to the product.

Maximum dimensions for a rectangular vision panel clear opening: 400 x 600 mm (width x height).

Maximum diameter for a round vision panel clear opening: 400 mm.

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