Noise Reduction Door

Noise reduction single-leaf hinged door is intended to be used in internal areas.

The door provides the necessary sound barrier only if the wall, ceiling and floor are also resistant to sound and the door is installed by a specialist with the necessary competence.

Resistance to fire: B15

Resistance to sound: up  to 40dB

Door is produced from steel sheets with sandwich insulation. 40 mm door leaf is also available with trimlists for installation of surface laminate.

Threshold is made out of stainless steel.

Maximum dimensions for clear opening are 1060 x 2100mm (weight x height)

It is possible to increase dimensions up to 15% in width and height, but not more than 10% of total area.

Door weight: 55kg/m2

Standard door finish is powder or wet paint.

In addition exposed stainless steel (brushed or polished), PVC covered steel and laminate or other non-combustible design finishes can be used.

The door can be fitted with different mechanical locks and hardware according to specification.

It is possible to add several optional accessories to the product including kick plate in stainless steel, gaskets and AISI316 hinges.

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