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Investing in Talent: Tammer’s Scholarships for Tomorrow’s Innovators

At Tammer, we prioritize making meaningful contributions to our community and this year we are making a significant step towards supporting young talents. For the first time ever, we’re offering two scholarships as a part of Spring Scholarship Competition 2024 held by TalTech Development Fund:

⭕ Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship for students specializing in Business Information Technology

⭕ Master’s Degree Scholarship for candidates pursuing studies in Product Development and Production Technology or Technology of Wood, Plastics, and Textiles

We truly hope that these scholarships help the next generation of experts to continue their studies with dedication.  Alongside financial support we are also offering university students an opportunity to practice their knowledge and gain work experience by completing a professional internship here at Tammer.

Do you happen to know someone at TalTech ready to seize this opportunity? The only way to grab the scholarship is by taking a chance and applying!

Applications are open until March 18th. More information about the scholarships and the application process can be found HERE.