Fireproof Sliding Gate S100

Fire rated sliding gates are horizontally operated and used in industrial and commercial areas. It is possible to produce sliding gates as Single-leaf, double-leaf or telescopic.

Certificates: 0370-CPR-3940, 0370-CPR-3941, 0370-CPR-3943, 0370-CPR-3944, 0370-CPR-3945,

0370-CPR-3946, 0370-CPR-3947, 0370-CPR-3948, 0370-CPR-3949, 0370-CPR-3950

Doorsets are certified according to EN16034 and EN13241 .

Different fire resistance classes available: EI260, EI2120, EI2180 or EI2240.

EI260 max leaf dimension 5 640mm x 4 945mm*
EI2120 max leaf dimension 5 360mm x 4 025mm*
EI2180/ EI2240 max wall opening dimensions 4 500mm x 4 500mm, area up to 13.5m2*
Gate Weight From 25kg/m2 to 36kg/m2
Fire Resistance Class EI260, EI2120, EI2180, EI2240
Resistance to open and closing, EN16034 C0
Resistance to smoke, EN16034 NPD

*- Larger dimensions available on request

Sliding gate is made out of stone wool filling and galvanized steel sheets.

Panel thickness for EI260, EI2120 fire doors is 100mm.

Panel thickness for EI2180 and EI2240 is117mm.

Steel sheet thickness 0,6-0,8mm.

Panel edges are covered with galvanized steel U-profiles.

The gate is openeable manually.

Reccessed and/or pull handles on both sides.

The gate is closed by gravity, limited to 20cm/s.

Door leaves pre-painted on both sides in RAL 7035.

Other RAL colors and panel edge lists painted by request.

  • A door hold-open electromagnet (24VDC), power supply (24VDC/230AC) not included
  • Electric drive supporting gate opening (need/recomendation to use the drive) is dependent on door size
  • Fire warning equipment, i.e smoke detectors, sound and visual alarms, alarm button, relay panel
  • Single or double passage and/or exit door (only when national fire regulations allow) up to EI2120

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