Lightweight Door SMU111

An insulated lightweight metal door is intended for use in indoor conditions (basement, storage room and other indoor spaces) where high fire resistance and security are not required.

The product complies with the EN 14351-2 standard.

The standard widths of the door frame are 680mm, 780mm, 880mm and 980mm, and the standard height of the frame is 2090mm. The weight of the door set is approximately 30 kg/m2.

The door frame is bent from 1.0mm PVC coated steel sheet with a depth of 62mm. The door leaf with a thickness of 62 mm is made out of 1.0 mm steel sheet with a PVC coating.

Lightweight doors are produced as a single leaf, the door set has two lifting hinges made out of steel and a mechanical (ASSA 565 or Euro 1769) lock case fitting or an installed lock case.

It is possible to order the door set with a threshold bent from stainless steel or without a threshold.

For more detailed information, please contact Tammer’s sales department.

PVC coated steel sheet (shades DL 1 “Light oak”; DL5 “Mahogany”; DL86 “Light birch”; DL96 “Dark oak”).

Lock cylinder, door handle and/or closing system included / installed.

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