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Security Door RC 3

The product is intended for use in residential and public buildings where there are high security requirements for doors.

RC Security Class Recommendation for use
1 For institutions with a low risk of burglary (schools, storage rooms, etc.)
2 Greater protection for ordinary household to increase security
3 High security for institutions with a greater risk of breaking in (luxury villas, server rooms)
4 For institutions with a extra high risk for breaking in

(hospitals, banks, post offices, jewelery stores etc.)

Classified according to EN 1627 standard. The product is issued with a declaration of conformity according to EN 14351-2 or EN 14351-1, EN 1627.

The requirements for the door set are declared according to the requirements of the the customer. It is possible to add various properties (fireproof, smokeproof, soundproof, bulletproof, blast-proof etc.).

For more detailed information, please contact Tammer’s sales department.

The dimensions and shape of the RC3 profile door and glass slats are generated according to the customer’s needs and production capacity. For more detailed information, please contact Tammer’s sales department.

The products are made of steel profiles of the SP300, SP500, SP700 series, which are made of unprocessed, galvanized or acid-resistant stainless steel EN 1.4404 (ASTM 316L, SS 2348).

Glass slats are made of galvanized or stainless steel and are fixed with hidden or through screws. Glass slats come in different widths to accommodate glass of different thicknesses and burglar-rsistant properties.

The depth of the frame depends on the used profile series an is (from 50mm to 90mm).

Door set can be powder or wet painted in different RAL colors or have stainless steel brushed or polished finish. PVC covered steel and laminate can be used.

The door can be fitted with different mechanical locks and door closer systems.

Where we have used it

Harju County Court
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