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Radiation Proof Doors

Radiation-proof metal doors are mainly used in hospitals in scan rooms where X-rays are present or at risk. Radiation-proof doors are important in establishing a safe environment in medical facilities and in laboratories to protect people from radioactivity.

The product complies with a standard EN 14351-2 or EN 14351-1 and DIN 6834-1.

The necessary protection is provided by the door only if the wall, ceiling and floor also have the resistance to radiation and the door is installed by a specialist with the needed competence.

To add various properties to the product, please contact Tammer’s sales department for more detailed information: sales@tammer.ee

The door frame is bent from 1.5mm steel sheet. The standard depth is 100mm.

The door leaf with a thickness of 64mm is made out of 1.0mm steel sheet.

According to the requirements of the standard the door set is lined with a lead lining that absorbs radiation.

Door set can be powder or wet painted in different RAL colors or have stainless steel brushed or polished finish. PVC covered steel and laminate can be used.

The door can be fitted with different mechanical or electric locks and door closer systems. It is also possible to add other accessories.

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