Glazed Profile Sliding Door

Steel sliding doors with or without glass can be used in internal areas.

B15 sliding door meets IMO AND SOLAS requirements according to European MED Directive 2014/90/EU.

Resistance to fire: B15 (37 minutes tested)

Door leaf frame is produced from steel tube profiles, having depth of 50mm or 55mm.

Glazed or insulated options are available.

Aluminum rail system is suitable for manual or automatic use. Manual system is equipped with counterweight closing system.

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Max dimensions for a door clear opening: 1422 x 2276 mm (width x height)

It is possible to increase dimensions up to 15% in width and height, but not more than 10% of total area.

Door weight: 44kg/m2

Standard door finish is powder paint.

In addition wet paint, exposed stainless steel (brushed or polished) or other non-combustible design finishes can be used.

Laminate is possible for doors without glass.

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The door can be fitted with different mechanical or electric lock systems or electrical drive system with door automatics.

For manually operated doors it is possible to add a lock case.

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