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RP Fineline 70 – a new innovative production technology in Tammer

But what exactly is RP Fineline 70?

Sightlines slimmer than a credit card! RP Fineline 70 system by RP Technik GmbH Profilsysteme provides slender, thermally separated steel door, steel window and partition wall systems with total sightlines of just 45mm. The system can be used for various window types and opening styles and the glazing thickness of doors and windows from Fineline 70 system can reach up to 54mm. This forward-looking profile system sets standards for both architecturally ambitious new building projects and renovations subject to monument preservation requirements.

In order to introduce the system and demonstrate how the whole process looks like in practical form, we organized a training for our employees together with RP Technik. The event was conducted by Tammer’s product specialist Ahti Metssalu. Our clients Doordec, Brek OÜ and UPPE also gained the knowledge by taking part in the event as guests.

First, the representative of RP Technik Sophian Kallel, introduced the theory in detail by giving instructions and sharing technical documentation. In order to give a clear understanding to all the participants, the theoretical part was followed by the practice: Pascal Fuchs welded the profile pieces, explaining at the same time how to assemble the window according to the system.

We are excited about the commissioning of the new system and cant wait to see how the finished doors and windows will look like in new design buildings. The first projects using the RP Fineline 70 system are already in the making at Tammer. We will definitely keep you updated and show you the finished results!