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Safety First, Sustainability Always: our upgrade in hazardous waste handling

Tammer has taken next step towards environmental sustainability: to preserve the environment and ensure workplace safety, we’ve again partnered up with Ragn-Sells, this time to take care of our hazardous waste. They introduced us the concept of a station to safely collect hazardous waste on our site, which we decided to implement. We are glad to have such a strong partner to discuss different material and waste topics that arise daily in our production.

Hazardous waste station is a significant upgrade for various reasons:

⭕ To prevent the accumulation of large quantities on work sites, the goal for us is to responsibly collect and manage all hazardous waste generated on-site. With getting this station, the waste is emptied periodically into a secure outdoor facility.

⭕ The station offers high-quality safety measures including a double bottom to contain leaks, an automatic fire suppression system, as well as integrated ventilation system which minimizes the accumulation of combustible vapors and reduces the risks of explosion.

⭕ The features of the station make managing waste as user-friendly as possible and the whole station can be easily reassembled according to the needs.

We have also started a journey to establish a transparent and unmistakable sorting method for production waste by implementing a comprehensive marking system, both at the bins and collection points.

We are committed to making a difference and step by step continue progress and innovation for more sustainable production.

“Safety brings first aid to the uninjured.” – F.S. Hughes