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Strengthening Tammer’s Teamwork in the Winter Wilderness

Tammer’s management team decided to strengthen our company’s teamwork in a fun and untraditional way – a day in the snowy forest, facing different tasks that pushed the team members to communicate, strategize, and solve the problems as a cohesive unit.
After an insightful overview of the main keys to great teamwork, all the 12 management members got a chance to test their skills in practical out-of-the-box situations, spending three intense hours solving problems that needed creative thinking, solution orientation and most of all – team spirit.
Facing various tasks, several communication gaps causing delays to decision-making came into sight. In an extreme, yet essential experience, we learned valuable lessons:
 ⭕️ Choose the clear leader for a task (or meeting)
 ⭕️ Listen to voices of the quieter team members
 ⭕️ Delegate different tasks: don’t try to do everything all at once and learn to trust your teammates
 ⭕️ Make collective decisions and action plans promptly
It was really eye-opening to witness colleagues’ behavior in an unusual situation. This unique experience has definitely strengthened our bonds and enriched our teamwork toolkit.
All the ideas deserve recognition, even if they’re not immediately implemented.