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Tammer Doors on a New Exclusive Cruise Ship

Tammer has successfully completed its first direct collaboration
with Chantiers de l’Atlantique Shipyard, marking a significant start in our
journey together.

Our marine team travelled to Saint-Nazaire, France, to witness the completion of the Celebrity Ascent cruise ship, ready to voyage both European and Caribbean seas. Tammer contributed with 400 project-based doors which can be found on both public and crew areas, along with some special doors as well, enhancing the ship’s aesthetics and functionality.

Celebrity Ascent is the newest and most innovative award-winning Celebrity Cruises resort at sea. The ship features 32 distinctive restaurants, bars, and lounges, including a stunning Rooftop Garden with cantilevered floating pools offering breathtaking views. World-class accommodations include spa-inspired staterooms that take passengers to the water’s edge, private restaurant, and also lounge and sundeck for suite guests.

Chantiers de l’Atlantique, with its remarkable 160-year legacy, has left its mark on the history of shipbuilding. Their long term and professional expertise spans from crafting cruise and navy ships to engineering electrical substations for offshore wind farms.

Collaborating with CDA has been both a privilege and an exciting journey which helped our marine team to develop their technical skills even further. We are grateful for the trust and hope to have a long road ahead of us together.

Besides exploring the cruise ship we also had the opportunity to share some beautiful moments with our team and enjoy the enchanting culture, architecture, and flavors that France has to offer. Work and leisure merged seamlessly in an unforgettable journey.