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Tammer Hosted Fireproof Door Study Day for Rescue Board’s Supervisory Inspectors

Tammer has been cooperating with The Rescue Board for over six years already. If until now our only collaborative subject has been the annual charity project (we have been gifting fireproof doors to one educational institution every year), then this year our field of collaboration has extended.

This Monday we hosted a comprehensive fireproof door study day for the Rescue Boards safety inspectors at Tammer’s Academy. We started the day by telling real-life stories: our senior project manager Pavel Kazimirov shared practical examples on how to identify the suitability of fireproof doors. We hope that all the inspectors got some new tricks about spotting the fire doors’ bottlenecks.

our guests also gained a deep understanding of what effort goes into the process of development of different special doors. Our R&D department showcased the specific testing each door undergoes to meet industry standards.

During the event, Tammers’ installation, maintenance, and repair team lead by Tanel Vaarmets and Janek Lussmaa, provided our guests with a detailed demonstration on the proper installation and maintenance of fire doors.

Of course visiting Tammer to learn about the fireproof doors without seeing the process of door production itself is not really an option. We therefore guided our guests through Tammer’s production facility, allowing them to witness the construction of fireproof (and other) doors and gain practical insights alongside the theoretical knowledge. The Study Day was such a success among the safety inspectors that we have already hosted it for the second time, and we are preparing for another practical workshop day with an additional group of 30 attendees in early June.