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Tammer & Stålprofil are Celebrating 25 Years of Strong Partnership

The roots of this collaboration go back to year 1998 when Raigo Tammo’s uncle Meinhard Tammo and the owner of STÅLPROFIL AB Per-Uno Hafström, who had previously worked together for a long time, made a mutual decision to partner up in the business world. Through their connection, the long-term cooperation between the two family companies began.

Back in time, the collaboration kicked off with a modest order of a few profile bars, and since then, it has evolved into a strong and enduring connection. What makes this collaboration special is not just the business ties but the blend of business and leisure – creating a unique bond that extends beyond the boardroom.

The journey has been filled with laughter, joy, and memorable moments in the best companionship. Whether it’s taking city tours in Sweden and Estonia, friendly badminton matches, go-karting adventures or enjoying meals together, the partnership has blossomed beyond the professional field.

The success of this partnership has relied on the fusion of professional business and personal connections. Today, Tammer is proud to be one of Stålprofil’s major clients: within our production facility, most of Tammer’s profile doors are expertly manufactured from Stålprofil profiles. In the Baltics, Tammer also holds the official role of representing Stålprofil’s steel profile systems.