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Tammer Unleashes Innovation: A Game-Changing Start to 2024

Tammer’s value this year is innovation and our IT team gave the value an empowering start! While AI hasn’t been part of our processes just yet, we’ve been exploring its potential for over a year. But finding the perfect fit has been like searching for a needle in a haystack.

That is until our IT team caught sight of an industrial AI workshop at Tehnopol. The workshop brought minds together and connected problem holders with solution seekers. Led by Silver Reinaas, along with Indrek Kink, Priit Peikel and Kert Kustavson, Tammer’s team dove into the two-day workshop and partnered up with Solita – an international IT consulting company with a large emphasis on the creation of AI solutions.

A huge benefit was the possibility to involve AI technology mentors in the workshop, with whom to analyze business problems, develop ideas and evaluate the suitability of AI solutions.

After the intensive workshop, a week was given for further development of the ideas and then everyone presented their project to the jury. With a great teamwork and strong idea presentation by Silver, Tammer managed to receive the highest grant amount, €50,000.

But what exactly was the grand idea? The goal of Tammer’s project is to decrease the user errors in product configurations and thereby also reduce the CO2 footprint per product. Today we see that from time to time human errors get into the system when developing the product. We have years of data that can be used to teach AI to predict these errors in product configurations as early as possible so that they don’t cost too much in later stages.

There are certainly many challenges ahead, but participating in the workshop definitely gained a lot of inspiration and courage to go ahead. In the future, we plan to introduce more and more artificial intelligence precisely in the key to production efficiency and in light of the increasingly complex labor market, when as many processes as possible should be replaced by artificial ones. Silver, who has developed the product configurator from the scratch, will continue to lead the project to develop and implement the program suitable for Tammer systems.