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Tammer’s Charity Project “Safe Christmas 2023”

Safety is one of Tammer’s core values, and the main goal of the company is to make the world a safer place. Throughout the last six years Tammer has partnered with the Estonian Rescue Board in the charity project “Safe Christmas.” In order to contribute to children’s safety, we gift fireproof doors to one educational institution every year.

This year a major project took us to Tamsalu Secondary School where, according to the Rescue Board, the fireproof doors were found to be non-compliant. To provide the safety and meet the necessary fire resistance and evacuation requirements, as many as 16 doors had to be replaced with new ones. In the connecting hallway between the new and old parts of the school building, Tammer installed 4 sheet metal doors with EI60 fire resistance and S200 smoke resistance. To secure evacuation pathways, 12 glass profile doors with EI30 fire resistance and S200 smoke resistance were installed in the basement corridors and stairwells spanning all three floors.

Tammer’s Christmas present became a reality thanks to our incredible cooperation partners: Stålprofil, Glassense, Vetrotech, Valnes, BK Eesti and Päästeamet. Your generous contributions and collaborative spirit have helped to ensure the safety in children’s education. Thank you!