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Tammer’s Sustainability Roadmap for a Greener Future

We are glad to share the next chapter of Tammer’s journey towards sustainability, which was assessing our capabilities to foster a circular future. For a professional advise we decided to partner up with Sustinere who supports companies and public sector organizations with social consciousness, environmental impact and sustainability strategies.

Environmental expert Paula Kristel Kaljula from Sustinere took a deep look into our manufacturing operations and interviewed all Tammer’s key persons responsible for different production related activities. After that we conducted workshops to brainstorm, evaluate, and strategically plan more sustainable and circular initiatives. We’ve delved deep into our environmental impact to understand our green potential across strategy, organization, process, connections and learning.

One of our goal is „Paperfree Tammer“ which has already led us to implement HR workflow system Yester. Additionally, in production facility we’ve implemented the use of digital formats to update working drawings and project information. This shift minimalizes the need of excessive printing and also ensures instant awareness of project developments. Both of these systems have optimized the efficiency and reduced paper waste.

Besides that we have renewed our lighting solutions and new developments with a smart lighting control system are underway. We are also now focused to improve our waste sorting system, so we could see what material use we could lessen and send as much as possible to reuse.

Recognizing the vital role of responsibilities, Tammer is proud to introduce Stina Silluste as our dedicated sustainability specialist. This newly created position reflects our commitment to the continual progress of green initiatives.