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Unlock Privacy at the Click of a Button

Tammer is proud to introduce Nutiklaas smart film technology as a new possible extra in our construction doors and partition walls. With just one click, glass surfaces shift from transparent to opaque in less than 0.2 seconds, ensuring complete confidentiality when needed.

So, what exactly is a smart film? Picture a futuristic innovation that allows you to control the transparency of door or window glass with a simple electric flow. Smart film can effortlessly switch between opaque and transparent with different smart home systems, wall switches, remote controls, motion sensors, light sensors, timers or dimmers etc.

Moreover, this advanced technology consumes minimal power 4-5W per square meter per hour, and only in a transparent state (for comparison, a laptop consumes 40W per hour). The smart film can be used on various glass surfaces and shapes (curved, round, triangle, square etc), where curtains are impractical or inconvenient to use. From construction doors to partition walls, the new technology offers a lot of benefits:

⭕ Instant privacy with remote control functionality

⭕ Long lifespan exceeding 12 years

⭕ Can be used as a whiteboard for notes or drawings

⭕ Blocks UV and infrared radiation, protecting furniture from fading

⭕ Does not attract dust and repels it with its static charge

⭕ Functions as a safety film by holding glass fragments together in case of breakage

⭕Can be easily removed like a phone screen protector

It is possible to integrate smart film to almost every Tammer’s door with glass, window or partition wall. We even tested out and succeeded in installing an electrical system to innovative RP Fineline 70 profile system. Within such a narrow profile it wasn’t an easy task, but the result speaks for itself. The fusion of RP Fineline and Nutiklaas technology not only meets but exceeds our commitment to providing modern, comfortable, and technologically advanced solutions for our clients.

More about Nutiklaas can be foun on their homepage.