About us

„A wall divides, a door connects“

– Tammer OÜ

By the beginning of 2020, Tammer has become the largest metal door manufacturer in the Baltics, whose cooperation partners are shipyards, construction companies, real estate maintenance companies, and door manufacturers in the Baltic and Nordic countries. Exports account for more than 80% of production.

The idea to create a door factory began in 1995, on the ferry Georg Ots, where two complete strangers decided to share an order of pizza. Just a few months later, Raigo Tammo, the father of a large family of 6 and an entrepreneur, founded the family business Tammer, which has grown into the largest manufacturer of metal opening fillings in the Baltics under the leadership of his son Anti. 

Tammer’s goal 

is to make opening fillings that make the world safer and friendlier

Tammer’s mission

 is to produce innovative certified opening fillings for the construction and maritime sectors as a friendly partner

Tammer’s vision

is to be the preferred manufacturer of opening fillings in the construction and marine sectors

Tammer is a member of the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia and the International Chamber of Commerce ICC WBO.  

Tammer is a recipient of the Family Enterprise of the Year award of 2019. In 2019, Tammer was recognized as a silver level family-friendly employer and as a bronze level Responsible Business Index company. In co-operation with the Estonian Rescue Board, a campaign “Safe Christmas” is organized every year, within the framework of which one child care institution is gifted proper opening fillings. Tammer is the sponsor of the Estonian Rescue Association and the hippopotamus Pupa. 

Tammer is a responsible, value- and sustainability-oriented organization whose core value is its employees.


Suurendatakse tootmispinda 11 000m²-ni, töötajaid 160. Laiendatakse Prima Power tootmisliini


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Suurendatakse tootmispinda 3900m²-ni


Kolitakse uuele tootmispinnale 2500m² ning kontoripinnale 450m², Peterburi tee 47B, Tallinn, alustatakse silemetallukse tootmist


Suurendatakse tootmispinda Männikul 1650m²-ni, roostevaba terase ja pulbervärvimise osakond


Suurendatakse tootmispinda Männikul 950m²-ni


Tootmishoone Tallinnas, Männikul 300m², esimene tarne Rootsi


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Esimene tootmishoone Sauel 50m²


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