Brief description of the project:

One of Tammer’s core values is a sustainability. In the course of the project, the company’s current capability for sustainability are assessed, the growth potential is mapped, and the company’s next steps to reduce environmental impact and use circular economy principles for the next two years are established. Additionally, the company’s carbon footprint is assessed.



During the implementation of the project, the organization’s awareness of climate and environmental impacts related to business activities increases. In this way, the ability to proactively consider climate and environmental impacts in future projects/developments related to core activities also increases. The road map is a practical action plan to systematically and consciously support and promote the use of circular economy strategies over the next two years and to implement measures that would reduce the environmental impacts related to business activities. As part of the sustainability road map, we also want to agree on the roles, responsibilities and structure within the organization, which are prerequisites for the implementation of planned developments and follow-up activities and for comprehensive management of green issues.

Fund: European Union Recovery Fund NextGenerationEU

Amount of aid: 10 000€